Voltica Enterprises is a diversified infrastructure, power, industrial automation solution and service provider that continues to expand based on the market needs through improved technology and concrete support. Our role is to shield our customers from potential dangers of failure by providing modular, powerful, easy to use solutions that works in the background and allows them to go online with confidence and without interruption.

Since inception, it has been our goal to be the leading supplier of products and services in the market in which it operates. To this end, it has been focused on getting a detailed understanding of these markets, building relationships, and sitting up the required infrastructures support such an operation.

Our Values

Conduct business with integrity & fairness

Focus on our customer’s need

Continuously train our employees

Provide quality product & services

Maintain safe & healthy environment


To provide business continuity by delivery top quality power products and services on nationwide basis.


To be a leading trading house and supplier of engineering products and services in Pakistan and to build lasting relationship with our clients.