Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

provide best-in-class power distribution to information technology (IT) equipment within a rack, enabling data centre and IT managers to simplify installation, enhance operation and maximize control of their environment. We offer a tiered portfolio of rack PDUs in multiple form factors with capabilities ranging from basic power distribution to advanced power management and precision control designed to save time, save money and reduce risk. 

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) technologies satisfy the demand of every data centre. All products are designed for a specific application with an emphasis on safety and reliability.

Key features:

  • High-density configurations reduce enclosure space requirement
  • Fuse-less design significantly reduces reset time
  • Easy-Read digital ammeter reduces local monitoring time (auto scroll capability)
  • True RMS ammeter provides accurate power measurement
  • Multi-purpose mounting improves installation flexibility
  • Isolation hardware improves product grounding
  • High-grade components increases product reliability and fault tolerance
  • Clearly labelled circuits simplify load balancing.